An extreme-strength cupro-nickel alloy manufactured and developed exclusively.

Proprietary forging and heat treatment techniques enable Copper Alloys to guarantee unmatchable mechanical properties in this high-strength alloy. 

The T-1000 cupro-nickel alloy composition is a combination of copper, nickel, iron, zinc and aluminium. This combines to give the technical name CuNi14Al2.  

Main properties and uses of T-1000 

The copper-nickel alloy excels when used in extreme environments. Thanks to its composition, its physical properties make it highly corrosion-resistant, anti-galling and resistant to hydrogen embrittlement. 

High-strength copper alloys can be used in a range of industrial settings due to their life-extending properties. Desirable applications include valve and pump bodies and actuators within the defence and oil and gas industry. Aerospace settings can also benefit from using the T-1000 alloy in landing gear bushings, sleeves, refuelling connectors and highly stressed aerospace parts. 

The T-1000 alloy thrives in marine defence applications that demand extreme strength and corrosion resistance. The material’s ability to resist biofouling and a lack of marine growth is another quality which makes T-1000 perfect in marine components. 

Why Copper Alloys’ supply of alloys is industry-leading: 

  • Direct from our onsite mill with relevant certifications 
  • Single source of supply, project management, testing and assembly 
  • Full traceability of the product  
  • Cost-effective purchase 
  • An understanding of your demands and its metallurgical solution 
  • Extreme quality control and accreditations.  

Copper Alloys regularly manufactures T-1000 components more than 300mm in diameter with unmatchable properties. T-1000 is also released to 66KS, UNS C72400, DIN 2.1504, DTD 900/4805, NFL 14-702, ASNA 6127A, UN14A2 and GAM MM11. 

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