Copper Alloys produces all recognised copper-based alloys. Our knowledge of industry-leading processes, specifications and applications means our materials are always of the highest quality without compromise.  

Creating custom metal alloys is an everchanging process developed to change the physical properties of metals to fit their end environment. 

Copper Alloys is an expert organisation in the research, development and creation of new material technology that outperforms previously used materials. 

These metal alloys are being used in advanced applications worldwide. We are a single source of cutting-edge custom metals for the marine defence, aerospace, petrochemical, fluid systems, power, and transport industries.  

These metal creations deliver a variety of benefits for our clients. Different to pure metals, components made from custom alloys can have alternative properties. These vary from increased durability to the ability to withstand high temperatures and increased conductivity to corrosion resistance.  

Metal Alloy Selector

Our Alloy Selector tool helps you to customise your alloy properties to find the best possible alloy to meet your requirements. Filter by your specific property needs bday. 

Elite alloys

Our variety of elite alloys is one of the most advanced ranges of custom alloys ever produced. Each alloy has enhanced properties, produced exclusively by the experts at Copper Alloys in the UK.

Industry sectors

We provide material perfection to a variety of industries. Read all about the industries we serve and how different alloys meet challenges that are specific to each industry.  

How are alloys created?

Producing speciality metals and components for critical engineering is an imperative task. Alloys sometimes need years of research and development before being made into the finished component. After research, analysis and design, the elements are melted together, formed, treated with heat and put through vigorous testing processes.  

Bars & Shafts

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Boss Forgings

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Plate & Sheet

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Rings & Discs

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Copper Alloys has produced custom metals since the 1940s. With almost 100 years of heritage and experience, Copper Alloys is confident that its turnkey solutions will be ideal for any industrial setting.  

After starting off creating military-grade nickel-aluminium-bronze alloys, Copper Alloys moved to develop leading processes in alloy forgings. In the early 2000s, the company developed a game-changing material technology for extreme environments. Copper Alloys now specialises in all aspects of producing custom components made from custom material creations. 


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