Copper Alloys makes advanced alloys for extreme applications

Working to bring innovative alloys to industrial use, Copper Alloys offers bespoke material creation.

We excel at controlling complex processes to manage the development of custom metals, the machining of parts and assemblies of components.

Through in-depth failure analysis, we control risk to unprecedented levels in the manufacturing process of complex machined forgings.

We’ve developed our pioneering failure analysis processes through decades of experience and ongoing fine-tuning.

The more complex the components, the more difficult the metal and the more arduous the quality requirements, the better.

Our niche is in being able to be the most reliable supplier for critical components made from advanced materials.

The three main areas that our specialist capability excels at…

1. Design support

Helping engineers across industries globally to optimise their material selection and the manufacturability of the components they design. Our aim is to minimise excess cost and maximise through-life performance of bespoke metal alloys.


2. Material development

We are experts in developing new material technology that outperforms anything else. These alloys are used in critical applications worldwide and have delivered many benefits including enhanced lifetime, reduced cost and significant performance enhancements.


3. Non-standard metals

We currently produce the most complex and advanced mechanical componentry for critical engineering applications around the world. A single point of source, Copper Alloys melts, forges, machines and produces non-standard metals with world-class documentation packs.



Copper Alloys has staff dedicated to supporting our customers on the European mainland who are fluent in the following languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish.

Deliveries to Europe leave our depot every day, meaning we can guarantee quick deliveries at minimal cost.

We can manufacture to all national and European specifications, with complete release and relevant certification.


We specialise in the production of materials like forgings, bars and finished components for submarines, aircraft carriers and other naval vessels.

Copper Alloys offers a localised service from their experienced and dedicated team. All products are delivered direct to your factory door.

Minimising delivery times and costs, custom-manufactured materials and components can be stocked in the US for immediate call-off.

Explore Copper Alloys’ US site here. 


Our specialist material and engineering manufacturing facility has the ability for extended production hours in the UK.

We can react quickly and efficiently to orders and queries from customers in Asia.

Our experience in working with engineers in South Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, and China means we understand the differing requirements for specialist metal production, allowing direct access to our manufacturing facility with local support from our global and regional partners.


Copper Alloys has an established customer support office based in Adelaide.

We actively support critical engineering companies in Australia with components and proof-machined forgings, and we are well established as a preferred supplier for complex items and materials that must be produced to order.

Our shipping and airfreight network ensures efficient, prompt and on-time deliveries with minimal costs.



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America’s Navy

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Creating a safe, secure world...

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Complex power solutions...

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