Mission Critical Steel Projects

Developing and producing some of the world’s most progressive non-ferrous material technology has created the perfect platform for Copper Alloys to create specialist steels as a low-cost alternative to copper metal alloys and nickel metal alloys.

Metal applied to engineering – it’s our science

The production and supply of specialist steel forgings and components is a core competence at Copper Alloys.

We have created sophisticated production processes that guarantee the same level of technical capability and reassurance that would be expected on packages of work including non-ferrous forgings.

Copper Alloys secured its first machined steel forgings contract a world-renowned engineering company in 2007, for part of the critical nuclear cooling systems on the Astute Class submarine. These were Class 1, “too critical to fail components”.

Complex machined parts and forgings

For mission critical components, trusted by organisations globally.

From periscopes for the Royal Australian Navy to the market leading sonar equipment, Copper Alloys supports advanced engineering with the production of complex Stainless Steel components.

Controlling machined products

The supply chain with Copper Alloys is completely controlled to vastly reduce risk with this potentially problematic stage.

Through decades of development, our Process Engineers have created effective risk mitigation strategies and project management software that enables Copper Alloys to produce metal machined products that outperform the market.

Competitive engineered projects

Delivering exceptional quality and integrity whilst remaining commercially competitive.

By presenting a fully integrated single source supply solution, Copper Alloys finds itself globally competitive against conventional mills.

A recent contract was won on competitive tender against a German and Italian mill, and the contract was placed with Copper Alloys because “the cost of non-delivery was so great that we went with a company who demonstrated the greatest understanding and control of the metallurgy”.


Why should I trust Copper Alloys with my steel projects?

We are passionate and demonstrate great care.
You can get direct communication with the decision makers and directors of the business. One benefit of the Copper Alloys approach is that there is absolute project-based precision focus, where plans and quality control is bespoke to the project. Compare that to enormous mills and machining organisations and then the project has to fit in with the much bigger problem of filling the plant.

We are concerned with the detail and get it right.
Copper Alloys has a proven track record of performing when others have failed. The first project we won in 2007 for precision machined steel forgings was awarded on a competitive basis and was a great success, to the point that our customer’s project team won an award for outstanding performance.

Specialist steel forgings are a core part of our business.
Copper Alloys has a successful track record of bidding on the subsequent classes of submarine, also securing projects for additional seawater circulatory systems in world-leading Trafalgar Class and Vanguard Class submarines.

Improved metal performance with new forging techniques.
Recent projects include a vast amount of D-50/XM19 high strength corrosion resistant stainless steel forgings. New forging techniques were developed for this project to minimise metal and machining costs as well as maximising mechanical strength, especially at high stress points in the component.

Our customers simply trust us with the most challenging projects.

Is my project right for Copper Alloys?

Please call us, we have a team of experts that are happy to pick up the phone, and you will quickly find the answers you seek.

We are proud to secure contracts for critical engineered equipment because of a combination of our attention to detail, metallurgical understanding and subsequent ability to control the risks inherent in the production of any large high integrity forged products.


Production facility visits…

We welcome visitors to our expansive production facility in the Midlands, UK. If you are interested, please call and arrange for a visit to our site where we will be happy to run through our experts and extensive production capabilities.


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