Our world-leading Quality Management Systems are trusted by organisations to deliver critical components for extreme environments.

As a specialist in producing material with a high technical content, Copper Alloys is committed to working to a Quality Management System that has been written to incorporate one of the greatest levels of aerospace approval: AS9100 rev D.

Unlike many companies, Copper Alloys’ Quality Management System (QMS) is not written for the company to work around, it is designed to complement the systems that we have put in place such that it creates a vehicle for continual improvement and pushes Copper Alloys to continue to be one of the best in the industry.

Apart from the national and international governing standards, such as ISO 9001 and AS9100, Copper Alloys drives for improvement by working to and being approved to various customer quality requirements.

Our approach to complete quality management enables us to create and supply material and components that will provide the best value throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

From the likes of Rolls-Royce Submarines and BAE Systems in the UK defence sector to Safran and Rolls-Royce aerospace in the aerospace sector, Copper Alloys are depended upon by some of the most demanding customers in terms of quality.

In addition, Copper Alloys is specified by and works to the quality requirements of navies globally, from Australia to Canada and South Korea to USA, as well as a number of European countries.

Our commitment to manufacture and deliver in full and on time is critical to the requirements of many sectors…

Downtime and days lost in the oil and gas industries can quickly escalate and equate to costs in the millions. To mediate this, we work under long-term agreements where sufficient stock is held to cover potential spikes in demand.

Supporting offshore technology worldwide, we work in partnership with leading offshore engineering organisations such as General Electric, Shell and Exxon Mobil amongst many others.

Copper Alloys is focused on delivering the quickest and right solutions to our customers.

Supporting engineering megaprojects is a particular example of how Copper Alloys has stepped up to unprecedented levels of quality control. For example, creating a man-made sun in a full scale nuclear fusion reactor is a recent case in point. In order to support a number of companies working in the supply chain for the ITER project, Copper Alloys is stepping up to the challenge of working to some of the highest levels of scrutiny, producing multiple document packs for each ITER project, with all of them being approved for manufacture.

Working for top-level defence companies requires top-level document control and procedures. Copper Alloys has vast experience of producing Manufacturing & Inspection Plans, Special Process procedures, robust Documentation Packs and Deliverable Quality Plans for multiple sectors and getting them approved by industry specialists and customers to enable these to complete contracts, in full and on time.

With the rise of 3.2 certification in all industries growing more and more, Copper Alloys is now working with third party inspectors present on and off site for visits to sign off complex and highly technical machined components.

Download ISO 9001:2015 AS9001 rev D

Download CAL BSI NL ISO 9001

Download CAL BSI AS9100

Download CAL BSI ISO 14001

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Download CAL BSI ISO 45001

Download CAL Cyber Essentials

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