Copper Alloys is at the forefront in non-ferrous metallurgical development and that, when applied to matrix infiltration binder alloys, results in class leading performance.

Downhole Tooling

We produce copper-based matrix binder infiltration alloys, materials and components for casings and mechanical elements that sit behind the drill bit. With proprietary material technology in alloys such as CAL T-1000, downhole tooling can be made to last longer and perform better.

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Standard Binder – CAL53

Our standard matrix infiltration binder alloy CAL53, has been designed especially for use in PDC Matrix bit applications and is based on enhancing alloy performance within the industry standard, now generic ‘MF53’ binder composition.

Available in a range of forms, this alloy is typically made in ½” nuggets.


Enhanced Binder – CAL54

CAL54 is designed specifically to infiltrate at a lower temperature whilst maintaining the toughness and wear resistance of binder alloy CAL53. This is the latest development in metallurgy, specifically for copper-based infiltration alloys.

This alloy is also available is a range of forms, and is typically made in ½” nuggets.


Toughest solutions for extreme drilling

One of the toughest, highest purity and most cost effective copper-based matrix binder alloys currently available.

Developed specifically for extreme drilling applications and to be infiltrated with Tungsten Carbide matrix powder, Copper Alloys is focused on minimising melting and braising temperatures and maximising the life of drill bits used in even the harshest environments.

With inventory held in Texas and Europe, batches can be supplied at short notice with complimentary Mill Certification.

Copper Alloys has spent decades developing and enhancing materials for customer-specific requirements. If you require a modified infiltration alloy, please contact us and speak to one of our class-leading metallurgists.

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