From raw material to assembly

With the ability to produce its own metal, and process this metal through to finished parts, Copper Alloys presents a single source from crucible to component, from raw material to assembly.

How do you know the metal will be right?

It’s easy to see if something has been machined incorrectly, but how do you know the metal will be right?

By purchasing components from Copper Alloys, this problem is solved.

As a UK-based material producer, the team of expert Metallurgists and Material Engineers work diligently to ensure full transparency and conformity to specification, this process underpins our ability to guarantee the integrity of the metal.

Copper Alloys provides low risk enhanced supply of both finish machined components and assemblies, fully tested and certified exactly to client requirements.

Capturing all risks

Our professional management of your requirements commences the moment we receive an enquiry through our detailed review of all specifications and quality requirements, as well as drawings and process requirements.

Copper Alloys drills down in detail right from the start of the material design, development or specification process, to ensure that we capture all risks and develop a robust manufacturing route.

Working closely with our partners

Working closely with our partners, whose relationships have been established and cultivated over many years Copper Alloys is able to provide a broad spectrum of manufacturing capabilities.

This is all controlled by the unique and award winning Copper Alloys approach to project management, which consistently delivers the exceptional service levels demanded by industry.

Our robust system has been developed around the technical, quality and commercial demands for producing thousands of nuclear-grade, marine defence and aerospace critical components and assemblies.

Using of conventional and state of the art multi-axis machine tools

In the production of components and assemblies, Copper Alloys use of conventional and state of the art multi-axis machine tools, inspection equipment and finishing processes enable us to provide a one-stop-shop, or single source solution, for both commodity and high integrity complex finished components and assemblies from the simplest geometric shapes.

From small components to large assemblies

Small components that you can fit in your hand to components large enough to walk through, Copper Alloys has the capability to meet the majority of customer requirements as long as they are complex enough.

Our expert team of engineers and metallurgists has a wealth of experience in leading projects from the simple, to the most complex.

Speak to one of our team today to see how they can help with your metal alloy materials challenge…

The diverse machining capabilities available produce components of all sizes, and are used in many sectors including, but not limited to: Aerospace, Naval & Marine, Petrochemicals, Fluid Systems, Power & Transport and Food Processing


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