Elite Alloys are the most advanced material technology

Created by Copper Alloys and relying on unique combinations of extreme properties, this collection of alloys is designed for performance in advanced engineering applications and harsh environments.

Elite Thermal Alloys

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Explore our range of highly conductive and corrosion-resistant alloys for extreme heat transfer environments.


Elite Marine Alloys

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Highly corrosion-resistant and anti-biofouling materials for use in extreme corrosion environments.


Elite Bearing Alloys

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Reducing friction whilst increasing strength, we create metal alloys for use in extreme weight-bearing applications.


What are Elite Thermal Alloys?

This is a family of Copper-Nickel-Silicon and Copper-Nickel-Chromium-Silicon alloys that are heat-treated to produce high strength, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity properties. The metal alloys are designed to give engineers an advantage in extreme environments. Each material has unique properties that make it ideal for extreme environment applications.

What are Elite Marine Alloys?

The Elite Marine Alloys offer a unique combination of properties that make them ideal for marine applications, including extreme mechanical strength, low rate of corrosion, high hardness, and resistance to biofouling. The alloys are used in a variety of marine applications, including submarine building, ship building, offshore oil and gas platforms and water treatment plants.

What are Elite Bearing Alloys?

Copper Alloys’ Elite Bearing Alloys range is a solid range of materials specialising in enhancing key strength properties of components and applications. Elite Bearing Alloys have high fatigue strength and excellent resistance to seizures and failure. Thanks to the self-lubrication of The Elite Bearing Alloys, they are the perfect choice where lubrication of materials is difficult or unfeasible.

Why use Elite Alloys


Benefits for the business

  • Longer life span of applications
  • Reduced application maintenance time and costs
  • Higher quality performance of components and applications
  • Maximised efficiency of part processes


Benefits for the applications

  • Higher corrosion resistance
  • Higher or lower rates of thermal conductivity
  • Lighter associated weight
  • Better solderability

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