Providing innovation to the food industry with material science

Controlling each facet of component creation for the food processing industry, Copper Alloys is a one-stop shop for innovative materials in food processing.

Each component is suitable for providing a turnkey solution to your food processing equipment requirements. These custom metal components demonstrate a multitude of attractive properties from anti-microbial to anti-fouling and free-running to self-lubricating.

The food processing sector has a range of regulations with detailed specifications to adhere to. The world-leading technical team at Copper Alloys spends time understanding each requirement and applies its knowledge to create the correct material every time.

A mock CAD drawing of a metal component

Which metals are used in food processing equipment?

It’s important to consider the different raw ingredients that you’ll be using when choosing a metal for your food processing equipment. It’s pointless, for example, to use a metal which doesn’t show resistance to salts due to the risk of contamination.

This makes it imperative to be mindful when selecting food-safe materials for the food processing industry. Copper Alloys provides numerous alloys to the food processing industry depending on the requirements of each machine or part.

Copper Alloys has a range of products which are common in food production. A variety of stainless steels like 316, (equivalent to UNS S31603) offer corrosion resistance to demanding liquids or foodstuffs and are resistant to wear and tear with an odourless finish.

As well as stainless steels, a variety of copper, nickel and manganese alloys are used in the food industry. These materials show high levels of strength, corrosion resistance and heat transfer as well as having the ability to be made antimicrobial. These properties combine to result in optimised production processes and safer equipment.

Unparalleled food-grade metal engineering support

Copper Alloys is certified in metal production to a variety of global standards. These include the British Standards Institution Quality Register to ISO 9001: 2015 AS9100 and are approved in the US to create submarine components by NNS.

Through innovative, highly precise and advanced process technology, Copper Alloys’ world-leading metallurgical specialists manufacture speciality metals and are recognised for creating the highest-quality food-grade metal alloys for the food processing industry. Each component features advanced mechanical properties as well as extreme corrosion resistance making them ideal for use with dairy products, cereals, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, and more.

Using our unique online alloy selector, you can search specific properties, such as elongation, corrosion rating, density, thermal conductivity and much more.

More about metals for the food industry

With sustainability in mind, the team at Copper Alloys prevents the waste of materials through rigorous on-site testing and failure analysis. This enables it to identify the primary causes leading to all kinds of complications, before large batch production. These processes help each material meet your specific needs and requirements.

With over a century of experience and a plethora of adept experience in supporting the food processing sector, the team is comprised of prestigious and skilled engineers. They work together to produce class-leading, high-performance alloys for the food processing sector.

If you require additional support, call our team of metallurgical experts on 01782 816888 to discuss your food process applications and requirements in detail.



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