Leading metallurgists and engineers at Copper Alloys design, manufacture and test an extensive range of materials before supplying them to global power generation businesses.  

The UK-based alloy leaders create components of all sizes from ones small enough to fit in your hand to complex components that are large enough to walk through. There are over 250 made-to-measure alloys in Copper Alloys’ arsenal with moulding possibilities allowing for the utmost customisation of components. 

The technical team combines metallurgical and industrial knowledge to transform raw materials into finished components for use in heat exchangers, turbines, drills and more.

Powering innovation through extraordinary engineering support  

Copper Alloys has the expertise and technical know-how to meet the most stringent requirements in your power environment. The understanding of the environmental demands means that the alloys created have a multifaceted profile able to combine strength and corrosion resistance, for example.  

Converting raw materials into ground-breaking alloys for the power industry, we pride ourselves on providing solutions to any problem.  

At Copper Alloys, the team supplies nickel-based alloys to provide increased strength and heat resistance in demanding power generation applications. These properties make them critical in components where conditions are extreme like boiler tubes, turbine blades and pressure valves. Additionally, Copper Alloys supplies materials to: 


  • Secondary and tertiary systems for nuclear and fossil fuel power stations  
  • Wind turbines  
  • Hydroelectric power stations  

Materials for the power industry also include a variety of titanium alloys. These materials offer extremely high levels of corrosion resistance to acids, oxidisation and seawater. Their weight:strength ratio is highly impressive, too, which can result in improved mechanical efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

The supplied power generation metals can be tailored to your specific application or environment. Copper Alloys’ custom metals feature enhanced properties within existing specifications, or new, ones that maximise performance. Copper Alloys created new materials that combine conductivity and strength, filling a gap with unique options.

Through extreme material testing and failure analysis, our metallurgists and engineers develop a range of resilient, cost-effective metals.

Material science consultation with The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) 

We have developed bespoke production techniques to meet the stringent and ever-demanding technical requirements of The European Organisation for Nuclear Research.  

A previous project required the production of large copper forgings with extremely fine grain size and high electrical conductivity as part of a new set of superconductors. 

A single source for alloys used in power generation  

Certified by the British Standards Institution Quality Register to ISO 9001: 2015 AS9100, Copper Alloys produces complex, world-class materials and components that promise to stand the test of time. Our way of managing quality helps us create and deliver products that provide the best value throughout their lifespan. 

Our team is committed to meeting agreed delivery dates, no matter how pressing. We have used many resources to develop a Quality Management System that minimises risk and ensures commitments are realistic. With adept experience in supporting the power and transport industry, Copper Alloys works with some of the world’s most advanced engineering organisations. We design and manufacture alloys for applications in power generation and transport of any shape or scale, including bars, forgings, rings, and pipes.  

Our unique online Alloy Selector allows you to search specific properties, including elongation, corrosion rating, density, and thermal conductivity.  

Call 01782 816888 to discuss your application and requirements with our experts. 



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