At Copper Alloys, our team of industry-leading metallurgists and engineers doesn’t just provide materials – we deliver complete transport solutions. We manage your project from raw metal selection to precision machining and final parts, ensuring everything seamlessly integrates into your design. 

Spending time to understand your needs, our team of experts build for performance. Whether you need lightweight aluminium alloys for intricate components or robust structures strong enough to support personnel, our portfolio boasts over 250 custom-made alloys available in more than 170 formats. 

Metal alloys for transport components 

Rigorous testing procedures, tailored to your specifications, ensure maximum performance and integrity of the metal you need. Here are some of the most common alloys used in transport applications. 

Aluminium alloys 

Our metallurgical specialists have a wealth of experience in developing and manufacturing world-class aluminium for transport.  

Aluminium is a leading choice of material in the transport sector in aircraft, boats and cars where there needs to be a balance between low weight and high strength. Aluminium-based alloys combine properties to enhance strength as well as wear and corrosion resistance.  

Steel alloys 

Steel-based alloys offer superior strength and high levels of durability in transport applications where load-bearing is high and frequent. 

The versatility of steel means that it can be machined into myriad shapes for use in vehicles, ships, trains and aircraft. Pair this with its relative affordability and steel is a stand-up choice for transport materials.  

Titanium alloys 

Titanium alloys are a game-changer in the transport industry because of their weight-saving potential and impressive strength.  

This translates directly to improved fuel efficiency, a major concern for sustainability and operational costs. Titanium alloys maintain their strength at high temperatures, a crucial feature for parts like engine components. 

Going the extra mile in transport material selection  

Copper Alloys has helped top transport equipment makers with design and development. The following applications can be supplied finish-machined to print:  

  • Commutator rings for trains  
  • Maximum strength, highly conductive alloys for Formula 1 engine bearings  
  • Material for welding wheels and dies  
  • Connectors  
  • Suspension system bearings  
  • Forged metal components  

Find the best mix of efficiency and performance by talking to our team of experts about your specific material needs.  


Our alloys made for the transport industries can be tailored to your specific application or environment. Our range of Elite Alloys includes Freerun SL, a Leaded Phosphor Bronze available in hard wearing (SL 340), medium wearing (SL 300) and soft wearing (SL 240) with increasing self-lubrication and reducing yield strength.  

Our unique online Alloy Selector allows you to search specific properties, including elongation, corrosion rating, density, and thermal conductivity. Call 01782 816888 to discuss your application and requirements with our metallurgical experts. 




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