Why choose Copper Alloys for aerospace?

Copper Alloys offers a comprehensive selection of custom alloys for aerospace applications.

The company’s metallurgists and engineers have the expertise to provide turnkey solutions to any problem in the aerospace industry. We have mastered the process of transforming raw materials into finished and assembled components and offer 250 made-to-order alloys in various formats, including cupro nickel.

Specialising in world-class integrated engineering, we melt, forge, machine, test and assemble some of the most complex aircraft materials. The aerospace parts we make can be small enough to fit in your hand, or large enough to walk through them.

Our technical team has over 100 years of combined metallurgical and industrial knowledge to help select the correct aircraft materials. Our non-destructive on-site testing ensures maximum mechanical properties while eliminating any manufacturing risk.

As well as complex aerospace alloys, we are proud to provide:

Long-term agreements

Fixed prices over a set period, allowing for stability in purchasing and administration costs.

Dedicated stock

Constant stock availability specific to requirements to eliminate supply problems during periods of increased demand.

Delivery commitments

Understanding the importance of meeting specifications and requirements. Our team is committed to meeting agreed delivery dates, no matter how pressing.

Scrap recycling

Reduced manufacturing risk by allowing us to carry out your finish-machining. This also guarantees the swarf will add value, lowering your costs.


We hold the highest level of manufacturer approval. This approval has been certified by the British Standards Institution Quality Register to ISO 9001: 2015 AS9100.

Thanks to years of aerospace alloy experience, we have a reputation for producing high-quality large parts and complex components over 500kg (about twice the weight of a large motorcycle). Materials can include cupronickel, aluminium bronze, and many other alloys from our portfolio of custom alloys for aerospace.

Class-leading quality management is crucial to managing the risk in machining high-value metals. Our Quality Management System is audited to the highest standards in the industry. This means, once installed, our speciality metal alloys and complex components can withstand high temperatures and high pressure whilst maintaining high performance.

Unrivalled aerospace alloys engineering support

Copper Alloys has the experience and technical expertise to meet the most stringent of requirements. This enables our metallurgists to produce corrosion-resistant, mission-critical alloys suitable for many types of aircraft.

Our team provides unrivalled project management, inspection, and supply chain integration. We also ensure document control as well as a cost-effective business model.

We work to enhance many, often conflicting, mechanical and physical properties and our clients receive unrivalled engineering support from production through to assembly.

World-class aircraft materials development

Our aerospace alloys are designed by world-class engineers. They can be tailored to your specific application or environment to stand the test of time. Enhancing properties to maximise integrity and performance, we go the extra mile to ensure each material or component exceeds expectations.

Our unique online alloy selector allows you to search specific properties, including elongation, seawater corrosion rating, density, and thermal conductivity.

To discuss your application and requirements with our metallurgical specialists, please call +44 (0) 1782 816888.

Demand for sustainable metals

The demand for sustainable manufacturing is rapidly increasing, particularly with most structural alloys.

In fact, accelerated demands for growth are set to increase by rates of up to 200% by the year 2050…



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