World-leading producers of complex fluid system components

Highly skilled metallurgists and engineers at Copper Alloys convert raw materials into finished components, providing turnkey solutions for fluid system problems. We have 250 made-to-measure alloys in varying formats, each adding unique value to fluid systems products.

Designed to last longer than standard alloys, our products guarantee maximum material integrity and performance with corrosion-resistant creations.

Revolutionising components of fluid systems with alloys

Contamination of fluid systems occurs when hydromechanical pumps fail, and debris enters the hydraulic fluid. Copper Alloys’ on-site testing and failure analysis can reduce these failures.

Our specialist fluid system components include forgings, rings, blocks and pipes and are extremely resilient to deterioration. Our components are exceptionally durable and last longer than standard alloys. Each component features a range of advanced characteristics, including:


  • Specialist gaskets and seals
  • Weld-neck flanges
  • Pump and valve components
  • Compressor components
  • Tube plates/sheet

Pushing the boundaries of exemplary fluid system components engineering support

Copper Alloys produces complex, world-class materials and components that promise to stand the test of time and is certified by British Standards Institution Quality Register to ISO 9001: 2015 AS9100. Our total quality approach enables us to supply fluid system components that provide quality throughout their lifetimes.

Working directly with our clients, we go to every extreme to prevent wasted materials. We make sure to meet your exact specifications and requirements throughout every stage of production, thanks to a self-developed Quality Management System that minimises risk and ensures commitments are realistic.

Copper Alloys works with some of the world’s most advanced engineering organisations to provide industry leading experience. We design and manufacture corrosion-resistant metals of any shape or scale for fluid system applications.

You can search for specific properties of custom alloys by using our unique online Alloy Selector. The tool gives you the chance to search specific properties like elongation, corrosion rating, density, thermal conductivity and much more. For additional support, call our team of metallurgical specialists on 01782 816888 to discuss your application and requirements.

Demand for sustainable metals

The demand for sustainable manufacturing is rapidly increasing, particularly with most structural alloys.

In fact, accelerated demands for growth are set to increase by rates of up to 200% by the year 2050…



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