Identifying issues in industrial settings

We do not compromise on material quality or performance.

Often customers cannot find an alloy within existing material specifications that performs as well as expected for their component or industry.  

This means they have to compromise. But compromising on metal alloy choices means settling on an alloy which does not actually completely meet requirements.

The resulting output is now not suitable as key properties are weaker. This can have long-lasting effects on products or services.  This should be non-negotiable.

Copper Alloys solves industry problems

Copper Alloys are experts in making metals with the best possible combinations of properties. Our in-depth metallurgical knowledge and the ability to skilfully control melting, casting and processing allows us to manipulate mechanical and physical properties to suit a specific application. 

We gain an understanding of the application challenges and use our metallurgical expertise to create a bespoke solution. This is how we do it: 

  • Composition control in our own modern melting operation. We can manipulate and target the composition of an alloy for a specific outcome.
  • Control of casting and solidification of the alloy improving its structure and soundness.
  • Hot and warm forming operations such as forging, extrusion and rolling to refine structure and properties.
  • Heat treatment to further manipulate the mechanical and physical properties as well as the structure.

Benefits of metal alloys made by Copper Alloys:

  • Increased proof stress and yield strength.
  • Increased tensile strength.
  • Increased or reduced hardness.
  • Improved ductility and cold formability.
  • Reduced grain size.
  • Improved corrosion resistance.
  • Improved component life and performance.
  • Improved product quality and reliability.
  • Full certification.
  • World-class documentation packs.
  • No compromise on metal alloy performance.
  • Rigorous testing.

Benefits of alloy development for our clients:

  • Improved component longevity.
  • Lead-free corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Anti-galling properties with a low coefficient of friction against austenitic stainless steel.
  • Reduction in relative magnetic permeability.
  • Improved impact strength.
  • Improved product quality and reliability.
  • Products have the elimination of secondary phases in the structure thus removing selective phase corrosion (SPC) in seawater applications.
  • Highly intricate and innovative materials. Copper Alloys can create materials which have opposite requirements within one material. An example of this is pairing thermal conductivity with resistance to seawater corrosion and high mechanical strength.

What is metal material research and advanced material development?

Material research is the process of developing new metal alloys or maximising the properties of existing ones to provide maximum performance in their location and ultimate application.

This research will show the very best optimisations to make in order to enhance key mechanical characteristics like strength, conductivity or resistance.

Copper Alloys’ research process includes composition designs, microstructural analysis and modelling simulations.

Material development refers to the actual creation of the final metal alloy. This is the step where analysis has been approved and all parties are happy with the laid-out plans.

The Copper Alloys team of metallurgical experts then use a variety of techniques to create the desired microstructures and final compositions.

The progressive nature of material creation means that Copper Alloys is always researching and developing new processes and alloys to keep you ahead of the curve.

Many of the 200+ alloys we manufacture have been developed to provide our customers with performance solutions previously unavailable.

Many of the 200+ alloys we manufacture have been developed to provide our customers with performance solutions previously unavailable.


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