Freerun: a range of elite load-bearing alloys

Copper Alloys has two types of load-bearing alloys: self-lubricating and long-wearing. Each shows exceptional properties in environments where high loads are present.

Freerun Self Lubricating

The range of self-lubricating Freerun alloys is perfect for use in extreme environments where lubrication is difficult. These materials have high levels of fatigue and mechanical strength.

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Freerun Long Wearing

The range of long-wearing load-bearing alloys shows extreme wear resistance and survivability in different industrial areas. Decades of successful projects show high strength and low fatigue resistance.

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About load-bearing alloys

About self-lubricating alloys

Our Freerun SL (self-lubricating) alloys have exceptionally high mechanical strength, three times industry standards. This makes load capacity and resistance to wear second to none.

The Freerun SL range of alloys also pairs these desirable properties with reduced ductility. The way Copper Alloys creates bespoke alloys allows the utmost customisation of metal characteristics.

The Freerun SL range is designed so that it specifically meets a number of international material standards including:

  • EN 1982-2008 C496K
  • ASTM C93800
  • BS1400 LB
  • SAE 67

About long-wearing alloys

This range of long-wearing (LW) alloys was originally developed for military aerospace bearings. Since then, the demand for this propriety technology enabled us to roll out extreme wear-resistant material technology to other critical industries.

Excellent wear resistance with low friction pairs together to sustain high load and fatigue resistance.

The LW range is an anti-galling material collection designed to last in a variety of industry standards:

  • NF L 14-702
  • ASTM C52100
  • CW453K
  • CW459K

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Designing Submarines for Through-life Performance
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Hydrogen Embrittlement

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Wrought Copper Nickel Chromium

Wrought Copper Nickel Chromium
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Properties of load-bearing alloys

  • High mechanical strength – up to three times the industry standards
  • Ability to sustain high load and fatigue resistance
  • Anti-galling
  • Easily machineable and mouldable
  • Fine grain size alloys for ultrasonic inspection
  • Excellent corrosion and wear resistance


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